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Copyright Contacts

Current Contacts

Profile Picture of Jon Kruithof

Jon Kruithof

Ext. 27497

Profile Picture of Donna Shapiro

Donna Shapiro

Director, McMaster University Campus Store
Ext. 27445

Profile Picture of Mary Del Mar

Mary Del Mar

Course Materials Manager, Campus Store
Ext. 22627

Profile Picture of Sarah O’Byrne

Office of Legal Services
Sarah O’Byrne

Copyright Counsel
Ext. 28640

Profile Picture of Anne Pottier

Anne Pottier

Associate University Librarian
Ext. 22410

Profile Picture of Phil Poelmans

MPS / Printsmart
Phil Poelmans

Director, Media Production Services
Ext. 24892

Advisory Group

Terms of Reference


The Copyright Advisory Group will monitor and address legislative, implementation, and interpretive issues around copyright that affect McMaster University

Specific objectives include:

  • Review copyright procedures and practices at McMaster University and assess options for managing copyright.
  • Monitor and assess issues associated with the university’s Fair Dealing Policy
  • Provide advice, information and recommendations on copyright policies and guidelines.
  • Act as a communication network for copyright initiatives, including the maintenance of the campus copyright website.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of operational matters relating to copyright which affect McMaster University.
  • Consider other copyright issues as they arise.


The Copyright Advisory Group will be comprised of experts, who will serve in their individual capacity to provide guidance and expert advice around copyright issues that affect McMaster University, its faculty, staff and students.

Members of the Copyright Advisory Group will include:

  • Avenue 2 Learn (MIIETL) (1)
  • Copyright Officer/ Legal Advisor (1)
  • Custom Courseware, The Campus Store (2)
  • Library (1)
  • Media Production Services/Printsmart (1)
  • Faculty Observer (1 )
  • Executive Director, Provost’s Office (consultant)


Meetings to be called at least once a year and in a location deemed to be the most convenient for the membership. The Copyright Advisory Group may also be convened on an ad-hoc basis to consider specific issues.


The Copyright Advisory Group will determine its own procedures.


Each term, the Copyright Advisory Group will report to the Provost’s office on its activities and prepare an annual summary report of its achievements for the University community. The Group will also provide reports to the Provost ’s office on request and on an as needed basis.


These Terms of Reference and the membership will be reviewed annually.